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Home Water Filtration Company

Keeping you and your family safe and healthy means having access to clean, uncontaminated water. You need a source of water you can rely on to be safe. Unfortunately, tap water is not ideal.

Even though the quality is decent, there’s always a risk of contamination. Don’t get us started on how many chemicals are dumped into municipal water to make it safe to drink.

Bottled water is an expensive alternative that’s not great for the environment. Well water tastes good, but there’s always a chance of contamination.

There are several different systems available. The key to choosing the right one is to consider your individual circumstances carefully. We’ll take your personal circumstances into account when making recommendations. We can assist with:

Water Softeners: These are simple products that remove calcium and magnesium from the water through a simple ion exchange process. It’s a practical, simple solution for hard water areas.

Reverse Osmosis: These filter out solids that have dissolved into the water. This includes organic material for bacteria to feed on and heavy metals. A permeable membrane is used to filter out the solids.

UV Disinfection: This system uses no chemicals at all. The water is sanitized by being subjected to UV rays. This method kills the pathogens at a cellular level and is highly effective.

Carbon Filtration: This is one of the more traditional methods. It too involves no chemicals. Instead, there is a range of filters that the water passes through. The carbon latches onto impurities and keeps them out of your water supply.


Water Filter Supplier

Water is essential to all of us. That is clean water. In the States, we’re lucky that our water purification centers are quite useful. They are practical but not perfect. There is always the chance that some bacteria can escape the net.

Drinking Water Filtration

When it comes to drinking water purification products, there are a lot of options on the market. Do they perform as well as advertised? Unfortunately, finding that out could mean spending a lot of money.

Commercial Water Filtration

In a commercial operation, time is money. You need a reliable and safe commercial water filter system that can meet your business’s needs. You need a purification system that works as hard as you do.

Whole Home Water Filtration

When you want to provide your family with clean, pure water, you need the right advice. You need a custom purification treatment option that is cost-effective and suited to your needs.

Water Softener in Charlotte NC

We tend to think that all water is the same. At a molecular level, that’s true. All water is H2O. It’s what’s dissolved in the water that makes a big difference. Water filters through several layers of earth and rock to return to the water table.

Water Testing Service

Water testing, especially if you have a well, is something that should be conducted regularly. Contaminants like iron and sulfur are easy to pick up. Iron leaves the water a rusty brown color. Sulfur makes it smell bad.

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